The Role of Focused Improvement in TPM

TPM Loss Analysis Sporadic Loss and Chronic Loss

Sporadic vs Chronic

  • Sporadic
    • Problem has not always been there
    • Relationship between cause & effect is clear
    • Causes are traced easily
    • Easy to establish remedial measures
    • Remedial measures are commonly known
  • Chronic
    • Problem seems to have always been there
    • 5 Why analysis will result in multiple paths
    • Problem returns even when countermeasures are in place
    • Causes cannot be clearly identified
    • Relationship between cause and effect is not clear
    • Remedial measures are inventive, not traditionally used

Kaizen Differences Speedy/Simple vs Deep/Complex

  • Speedy / Simple
    • Attack Sporadic Issues
    • Require individual(s) or small teams to resolve
    • Typically resolved within a few work sessions
  • Deep / Complex
    • Attack  Chronic Issues
    • Require significant resources to resolve
    • Typically takes 4-6 people 3-5 months to resolve

Kaizen Process for Deep Kaizens

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