Spring Cleaning Checklist for Each Room of the House

With spring on its way, it’s time to dust off those winter cobwebs and get your home in order! So with that in mind, here’s our spring cleaning checklist for each room of the house:

Living Room

  • Roll up the carpets, then vacuum and mop the floors. You can also move furniture such as sofas to the center of the room, then vacuum and mop behind and underneath them as well.
  • Use a vacuum or steamer to clean sofas and upholstery, and remember to clean inside crevices as well. If you have decorative pillows, take off their cases and wash them. Do the same with your decorative blankets.
  • Dust the furniture and electric appliances, such as the TV and home entertainment system.
  • Wipe the lamps and lampshades with a damp cloth. Take down the ceiling light cover and give it a gentle wipe also.
  • Tidy up any items lying around, and put old holiday decorations back in storage.


  • Rotate your mattress so that the head moves to the bottom of the bed. Also, if your mattress has a separate summer and winter side, flip it so that the summer side is facing up.
  • Let the mattress air for a few hours before putting clean sheets back on the bed.
  • Move the bed and sweep or vacuum around and underneath it. Give the floors a good mop, then push the bed back in its original spot.
  • Wash sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases at 140°F on a full cycle to remove any traces of sweat, dust or dander.
  • Tidy the wardrobe and put away any thick winter clothes you’re no longer wearing.


  • Use a liquid dish soap solution to remove tough grease stains from your cooktop.
  • Clean the inside of your oven, and wipe the glass door inside and out. Don’t forget about your microwave oven either.
  • Wipe any stains and splashes from the tiles, counters and cabinet doors.
  • Go through your cabinets and throw out any food items that have expired. Remember to check dried foods as well, such as spices, pasta, rice or beans.
  • Take out the shelves and drawers from your fridge and give them a good clean. Next, wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a cleaning solution—dry everything with a towel before putting it back.
  • Check inside your fridge freezer and throw out any old, expired food. If a lot of ice has built up inside, it’s also worth defrosting your freezer.


  • Give all tiles a good scrub. If you notice signs of black mold, spray the surfaces with a water and vinegar solution, scrub them with a sponge, then rinse them out.
  • Wipe mirrors and windows.
  • Wipe the dust off all surfaces, including vent covers.
  • Take off the shower curtain and mat and wash them in the washing machine on a cold setting. Then, you can leave them out to dry or tumble dry on a very low setting.
  • Check inside cabinets and throw out any old cleaning or sanitary products.
  • Use a water and bleach solution to clean the toilets and sinks.
  • Check the shower drain and use baking soda and vinegar to remove any clogs, including hair.

Around the Entire House

  • Open all windows wide to give the house a good airing.
  • Wipe the windows inside and out using a microfiber cloth. To avoid streaks, mix a solution of one part water and ten parts distilled vinegar in a spray bottle, then use a damp squeegee to clean your window screens.
  • Take down window treatments such as curtains and wash them on a delicate cycle. Don’t forget to wipe the windowsills as well.
  • Use a disinfectant to clean doorknobs handles and light switches, especially those that get a lot of hand traffic.
  • Tidy up any cables and tuck them behind the furniture or baseboards.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors, then give them a thorough mopping.
  • Vacuum the carpets and upholstery, and give them a dry clean if needed.

Garage and Outdoors

  • Sort through the items you have stored in the garage and throw out what’s no longer needed, such as old paint cans and brushes, old or broken tools, broken appliances, etc.
  • If you no longer use items that are still in good condition, put them in boxes and consider donating them, or organize a good old-fashioned garage sale.
  • Wipe the shelves and make sure they’re organized. You can use a label maker to keep track of what’s inside each box or drawer.
  • Sweep any fallen leaves and branches from your patio, lawn or driveway. Remember to check the gutters as well.
  • Use a pressure washer to clean the garage door, driveway, deck and even outdoor furniture.
  • Trim shrubs, bushes and trees and make sure that your lawn and garden are ready for spring.

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