New tax is coming to Mississauga

New tax is coming to Mississauga

City of Mississauga will soon charge homeowners and businesses for stormwater costs based on how much of their property is covered. If you have a very small house that causes little run-off water, you will pay nothing. But if your home is in the highest of five size categories, it will cost $170 in 2016 for your share of the city’s stormwater management costs.

No fee – below 287 sq. ft.
$50 – 287 to 1,066 sq. ft. (row houses and freehold townhomes)
$70 – 1,067 to 1,625 sq. ft. (semis, linked homes and small single detached houses)
$100 – 1,626 to 2,088 (medium single detached homes)
$100 – 2,089 to 2,605 sq. ft. (large single detached homes)
$120 – 2,606 and up (very large single detached homes)

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