iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Maps

So we got new iOS 6 and Brand new Apple Maps is included in the package. According to some tech reviewers, some of the locations appear to be missing, but if you will compare maps of Estates of Credit Ridge between Google Maps and Apple Maps, you will see that “fruit maps” are more accurate.

Below is a screenshot taken with iPad 2 showing part of the Estates of Credit Ridge – look at the street connecting Impulse Circle and Ivanhoe Court. That street use to be a private road connecting two older bungalows with Creditview Road, that road is no longer there but piece of it still exists on Google Maps.

Now look at a screenshot from new iOS 6 aps application, also taken by iPad 2, everything looks the way it should be. I was using Google’s error reporting tool to fix that issue but according to the reply from them it can’t be fixed at the moment.

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  • Julia Zelnina

    10 years ago / October 21, 2012 @ 11:33 am

    Finally Google Maps fixed an issue with old private road

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