Promoting your property

Personal Marketing Strategy – Create a plan and stick to it.

For me the structured marketing plan is extremely important. My client knows immediately what will happen from point of signing the Listing agreement to final sale and ultimately closing date. All steps of my work are well explained so as a client you’ll know exactly what is going on.

First, I’ll focus on low tech basic before getting to the electronic bells and whistles. For example, the FOR SALE sign is first and foremost. This silent salesperson is a must. The strategy behind is simple – signs create demand and demand usually translates into better selling price. Some people don’t want the neighbors to know. Practice shows, the neighbors will always know – sign or no sign. After all, many sales come from friends or relatives of your neighbors or just from the traffic passing by.

All photographs of your home will be done by a professional. I try to keep my advertising straightforward. Just location, price and major features – that’s what buyers want to know. An effective heading and well-constructed ad copy attracts the attention and create interest of qualified readers. Effectively described property features + good quality photos increase desirability in the buyer’s mind.

Electronic marketing is becoming more and more effective and I’m solidly into Internet promotions. All my listings, flyers and feature sheets are readily available online on my own or my brokerage’s web page. My website is really dynamic with a mortgage calculator, down payment estimator and municipal links that I’ve compiled. Buyers can also go on my brokerages’ site and do basic property searches. What does all this mean to sellers? As a Realtor, half my marketing job is to promote your home; the other half is to make it easy for buyers to find.

Lastly, I constantly stay in contact and communicate with my sellers. You can reach me either by e-mail or telephone on a 24/7 basis. Sometimes, the conversation is nothing more than a current update. Other times, we may discuss specifics; e.g., buyer response on showings or open house results. If the topic is more sensitive; e.g., lower the price or need for a costly repair, a personal visit is in order.

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