Estates of Credit Ridge, Brampton – Elbern Markell Drive Properties

Estates of Credit Ridge, Brampton – Elbern Markell Drive Properties

Estates of Credit Ridge, Brampton

Just in case you are interested in properties listed in , Mississauga, ON. If you would like to see houses listed below, do not hesitate to call/text me (416) 388-0038

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  1. 23 Oct 2013
    Credit ridge is a very nice area kind of looks like the forest hill of brampton do you have montesorri there i heard there is a french immersion school. Also can you please tell me if there are any properties available in elbern merkel looks really nice Reply
    • 24 Oct 2013
      Hi Shawn thanks for your interest. I like your comparison of Credit Ridge with the Forest Hill. So far it is definitely the best pocket in Brampton. I live and work in the area for the past 2 years and with the construction coming to the end the area is getting better day by day. Also, there are big development plans for this part of Brampton. That is correct - we do have a Montessori school in the area as well as the French Immersion program at new Ingleborough school. Please keep in mind that only a part of Elbern Markell is included in Ingleborough school boundaries. Regarding houses available for sale please give me more specifics in terms of the size of the house, budget, etc. How many kids you have, what is the age? Kind regards, Reply
  2. 27 Jan 2014
    Considering moving to the estates of creditridge, pls advise if there is an elementary catholic school in the neighborhood Reply
    • 27 Jan 2014
      Loraine, thanks for your interest in the Estates of Credit Ridge. So far we have two schools in the neighbourhood - Ingleborough Public School and Lorenville Public School. When neighbourhood was on sale from builders, I believe there was reserved space for catholic school but no construction is currently in progress. Reply

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